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The Story Behind the Book: Inspiring Hope for Families

Updated: Mar 12

Imagine you are a six-year-old child. Your parent, who was present in your life, suddenly disappears. You ask your family members where they are, but they tell you not to worry. They say your parent went on vacation. Or they tell you the truth. Every. Single. Detail. You begin to have nightmares, problems managing emotions, and trouble focusing at school. But unlike other situations, you don't get help or support. You learn to shove your feelings down, or cry at times which people deem inappropriate. You learn pain. You unlearn trust.

The day your parent went to jail, you also lost freedom.

You lost the ability to call your incarcerated parent whenever you wanted to.

You lost the ability to have close connection, uninterrupted talk time, and privacy with your loved one. You are subject to searches and guards who pay close attention to your every move and monitored phone calls.

You are asked invasive questions and looked upon with disdain...

I wrote Where Daddy Lives to give kids like the one described hope and help them identify and process the grief that comes with being the child of an incarcerated parent. I also created the book for anyone who loves or works with them. It includes a letter on how to talk with kiddos with incarcerated parents.

Where Daddy Lives reminds children of incarcerated parents that they are loved, they matter, and they are not alone.

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