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Empowering Women: Building a Culture of Support and Sisterhood in Honor of Women's History Month

Updated: Mar 5

It’s women’s history month! One of the ways in which we commit gender-based violence is by perpetuating negative beliefs about women, as women. How can we heal from this?

Questions to ask yourself:

1. In what ways do I tear down other women?

2. Do I send the subtle message to a woman that “it’s your fault”? Not just for concerns that are clearly not the woman’s mistake, but for other topics like physical health, etc.

3. Do I default to criticizing mom and glorifying the other parent? (Side note: Why is there no Good Enough Father or Good Enough Parent theory in psychology?)

4. In what ways can I be more intentional about uplifting other women?

5. Do I need to exercise more self-compassion?

You are worthy of love. Go, be great, and SHED YOUR SHAME.

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